The PRO of the Club Naval de Cascais had an easy decision to make this morning as the forecast was “spot on” with it’s Northerly prediction. At the club it was showing 30 kts, afloat the gusts exceeded 35-40kts. Game Over.

However, the sun was out so none of the competitors of the 30 boats entered for the “warm up” Spring Cup II seemed too bothered. It gave everyone a chance to further prepare their boats and offer them to our good friend “Gunter” (the IDA Chief Measurer), to inspect the boats with his long intimidating stick! Whilst other local measurer’s dealt with the sails. Each owner had to produce valid Insurance along with a current boat Certificate of Measurement.

With lighter winds forecast tomorrow I’m sure we will still manage 6 races over the next two days, as more boat’s join the fray for the Europeans. I also saw the magnificent European Trophy today, the “Virginie-Heriot-Cup. It has been up-dated by Transbuker owner Sergey Pugachev, who has provided a beautiful silver base that accommodates all the past winners…  Another example of generosity that Sergey has given back to the class. Thank you from all the competitors.

Higher, Faster, Longer………..     Stavros.   (USA 310).