winnersRUS76The winning RUS 76 team, Aleksey, Dmitry and Andrey celebrate their WIN!

All competitors were asked to be at the Marina of Torbole’ for a 9.30am start on the final day of the Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup, to complete the last two races before the famous North wind died away (usually at lunchtime). With such a lead overall and no “bad” race all RUS 76 had to do was get one good result and the job was done! This was achieved in the first race of the day as this amazingly “fast” team of Dmitry Samokhin, Andrey Kirilyuk and Aleksey Bushuev recorded a 6th place so could then sail to the crane knowing they had won the event with a race to spare.  Well done Gentlemen.

In the overall fight for the remaining podium places, GER 1068 Ingo Ehrlicher who had been in 2nd place overall after 5 races had a nasty port/starboard collision with BEL 82 and as Ingo was completely at fault, he retired from the race. This left the way clear for GBR 785 Lawrie Smith who brilliantly won the final race to finish 2nd overall and for GER 11 Marc Pickel to take overall 3rd.  Lawrie, crewed by Ossie Stewart and Joost Houweling & Marc was crewed by Frithjof Kleen & Paul Farien. All podium teams are pictured below.

prize-giving2013-TorboleGER 11 Marc Pickel, 3rd.  RUS 76 Dmitry Samokhin 1st. Lawrie Smith 2nd.

RUS76leadAn amazing lead by the Russian Boy’s Dmitry, Aleksey and Andrey.

start-torboleThe BMW “Pin End” Buoy, mark’s the start line for the 47 Dragons in Torbole’

RP_131019_WagnerCupD3_6845The President of Torbole’ Gianfranco congratulates the winners RUS 76.

And so another very successful Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup was completed. Although the winds did not blow as the “text-book” would explain, it was still  a fantastic event and extremely well run, both on and off the water. Gianfranco Tonelli and his team ALWAYS make the Dragons most welcome and this most amazing sailing area offers a full range of sailing conditions. Plus as our current World Champion, Klaus Diederichs said “It’s a great place to come and clean up the boats for the winter”. I must say that to come ashore after two “full-on” races in 25 to 30 kts of wind without salt in you’re eyes is quite a relief….!

Higher, Faster, Longer……………..     Fresh Watered…        Stavros. 

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