The wind blew from the East today at exactly 90 degree’s with just a few variations as boats neared the shore. It started at around 22+ kts and ended up at just 10kts… but not all the 40+ boats set sail, due to really strong gusts driving through the moorings…. However the PRO managed to get in the planed 3 races and despite RUS 27 (Anatoly Loginov) winning race one, the day was dominated by the three Tansbunker Dragons from the Ukraine.

Lars Hendriksen helming UKR 8 recored a 7th, 1st and 1st but it is his colleague Evgeniy Braslavets in UKR 9 who leads overall with just 7pts, then Marcus Wieser in UKR 7 is 3rd.  These Transbunker boats also have a “Coach” in a R.I.B. racing around the course, relaying back useful information, carrying their spare sails, lunches and extra water and have basically taken Dragon Professionalism to the next level. Having said that, Lars, Marcus and Evgeniy are probably the three best helms here, so even without the extra help a Coach Boat can give, they would still be leading…  But I can see from a “Corinthian” point of view is must be quite demoralising at times..  I however, am not a Corinthian Sailor nor would I take anything away from the fine sailing I whitnessed today, but I thought I would just mention these things as they happened….

San Remo is a very nice town with a wonderful Yacht Club and after racing all competitors were treated to some “Pasta” and “Drinks” upstairs in the club after we had all washed the salt from our rugged faces (well mine anyway) and rested our tired limbs. Tomorrow will see much the same conditions and another three races are planed. It will be interesting to see if boats try to play the shoreline with the variety of wind strengths and directions…  Or drive hard right out to sea and rely on pure boatspeed and a steady wind to gain that extra edge! Whatever happens Campers I will be there to keep all you “Arm Chair” Sailors in the know!

Higher, Faster, Longer……. a tired…..       Stavros.  (NED 410).


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