RP_150412_KJCT_3769 (640x428)The winning team from “Dubai”..  Henrique Anjos, Markus Koy and Hendrik Witzmann.

It was an extraordinary final day in Cascais as the team from UAE 20 “Desert Eagle” took us all by surprise to finish with a 3rd and 2nd place to win the Juan Carlos Trophy by 2 points! The light easterly winds did not suit the over-night leader POR 66 Jose’ Matoso and his team as they had a nightmare with two results in the 20’s….  However, DEN 138 helmed by Lars Hendriksen did have a good day and by winning the last race (Stavros Trophy) Lars and his team took the runners up spot with his crew Bo Selko and Frithjof Kleen..


Lars Hendriksen with Bo Selko & Frithjof Kleen win the STAVROS Trophy, (Final Race).

Also “hanging” in there in the difficult light conditions was GBR 801 helmed by Lawrie Smith. With a 6th and 3rd place in the final two races, Lawrie secured the final podium place overall and will now look forward to Douarnenez.

RP_150411_KJCT_5817 (640x428)

Lawrie Smith, Tim Tavinor and Joost Houweling sailing GBR 801 “The Wealdstone Raider” were 3rd.

The other winner of the day was our own IDA Vice Chairman, Vasily Senatorov, RUS 34 who sailed an excellent race to win the first race of the day by a good margin.

RP_150412_KJCT_5698 First race winner on the final day Vasily Senatorov, Igor Ivashintov & Alex Muzychenko.

Top Corinthian Team were the POR Team of Miguel Magalhaes , Jorge Pinheiro de Melo and Jose’ Magalhaes in “Peggy”. Although this team also struggled on the final day, they had done well enough on the previous races to hold on to their deserved Corinthian Prize….

RP_150412_KJCT_3843 (1) (640x428)

Corinthian Winners POR 36 “Peggy” Jorge, Miguel and Jose’ with the Club President.

With the Grade 1 completed (7 Races) over the 4 days all the sailors left Cascais with very healthy sun tan’s and happy with the fantastically organised regatta.  Bruno Santos, the Club Senior Administrator did an excellent job to oversee both on and off the water activities and we can all look forward to an incredible World Championship in 2017.

The Club Naval de Cascais have joined the race to restore the Ocean Health. The “Sailors for the Sea” program is helping to save our oceans by keeping the waters clean and healthy whilst helping to protect the environment. It is of infinite priority that we, as sailors respect the very platform on which we gain such fantastic rewards……..  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer…..                            Stavros.