axxOverall Winners Dmitry Samohkin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Alexy Bushuev win in Venice.

The 2nd Edition Dragon Invitational 2K Invitational was a huge success, as 8 International Teams fought it out over 3 days with an amazing 41 races, to see who would lift the superb “Glass Trophies” made by Linea Murano Art.


abcdThe 3 “Podium” Helms, Klaus Diederichs 2nd, Dmitry Samohkin 1st & Gavia Wilkinson-Cox 3rd.  Proudly hold their Trophies high at the prize giving last evening, hosted by the Vento Di Venezia Yacht Club.

Alberto Sonino, the Yacht Club’s CEO confirmed that the 3rd Edition would definitely take place next year to everyone’s delight. This is an event that shows the Dragon’s versatility and comradery to the whole world…..We all thank the combined effort & support from both the Compagnia della Vela & the Vento Di Venezia Yacht Clubs.

With 41 races completed, each team sailed 20 races sometimes with and sometimes against all the 7 other teams. So each team was a friend then an enemy it was fast and furious with never a dull moment. Races were short but fascinating, vigorous and passionate, with high’s and low’s. The disappointments were short lived as the next race was soon to begin, but the rewards of winning made a momentary “bond” between different teams. Yes, this is racing at it’s very best, with excitement from pre start to finish.


Top Mark “Rounding”, with close calls & different strategies depending where team mates were!

The basic aim with 2K racing is not to be the last boat. Simple, yet not easy to accomplish, as each boat will do everything in their power to help protect their “random pair” team mate. Opportunities to gain an advantage begin even before the 3 minute sound signal prior to the start, as the courses are set within the San Marco Basin, with narrow channels identified with traditional wooden posts….


Here the wooden channel markers identify the course in an “opening” fleet race.

This “Invitational” event was the mastermind of Klaus Diederichs who along with Local Hero Giuseppe Duca wanted to combine the elegance of the Dragon with the beauty of this remarkable City. With the 3 main “Sponsors” of DFS, Glenfiddich and ASSIDUE the event ran like “Clockwork” from the launching of the 4 Dragons at the Marina Vento de Venezia then the “tow” over to Certosa Island, to the Cocktail Party at the new Luxury Department Store of DFS Group in Venice. Finally we were invited to the “Original” 100 year old Compagnia Della Vela Yacht Club in San Marco Square where a wonderful Dinner was enjoyed by all.


One of the morning “briefings” where 2K Rules & Tactics were explained to all competitors.


DJ and JJ Korpershoek (Father & Son) explain the fundamental’s of 2K “Individual” Team Racing.

We could not have had better “On the Water” Judging as JJ & DJ combined “Teaching” with “Judging” then finally after sail “De-Briefing” (to let us know where we all went wrong) :-).

For sure this was a learning curve for us all….

Tam Nguyen told me “This was a fantastic event on and off the water, definitely well worth the trip from Hong Kong. It was amazing to see how sailors progressively switched off from their fleet racing mentality on day 1 to full action, of circling, trapping etc on days 2 & 3!  We learnt so much from all our fellow competitors and thanks to our “pairs rotation” this also created a great atmosphere to socialize and comradery”.  Thanks Tam, this was exactly the feelings expressed by all the competitors throughout the event….

axzTeams “Line Up” for the best positions pre-Start.. Sometimes with Genoa’s furled to stop the boat!

The event was a complete success and Venice was the ultimate winner as all 8 International Teams left with smiles on their faces and friendship in their hearts…

Many Congratulations to all the successful teams and a huge “Thank You” to Alberto Sanino with his many helpers and volunteers for giving us 3 wonderful days in Venice……..

Final Results.


Higher, Faster, Longer……………….    Stavros.