With a temperature of 25 degree’s and a warm south-westerly 12 kt wind blowing over the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Sea,  it was not suprising to see many happy sailors competing in the Amadeus Cup and Prince Henry the Navigator Trophy wearing just shorts and “T” shirts.  Yes Campers, the conditions could not have been better as three out of the planned eight races were completed in both Dragons and Laser SB3’s……..

The history of  Prince Henry the Navigator is quite interesting…..  “Henrique o Navegador” was born in Porto 1394 and was responsible for the early development of European exploration and maritime trade with other continents. He began by exploring the coast of Africa which was unknown to Europeans. One of his prime objectives was to find the source of the “West African” gold trade and he was also recognised and highly praised for stopping many Pirate attacks on the Portuguese coast. At that time the ships of the Mediterranean were too slow and heavy……… Under his direction, a new much lighter ship was developed, the “Caravela”, that could sail further and faster……..  🙂

You’ve got it………  Higher, Faster, Longer……..  Stavros.

p.s. Full results to follow tomorrow as I’m winning at the moment….(and I hope to keep it that way)..