As forecast, winds with gusts from the north of up to 39 kts prevented any racing here in Medemblik on the second day of the Dutch Open Championship. The Ijsselmeer is the largest lake in Western Europe with an average depth of 5 – 6 metres, it’s a freshwater lake fed through the Ketlemeer by the river Ijssel, which gives it its name. It is an excellent sailing area and is usually always full of activity, but not even the larger traditional Dutch Barges ventured out of the sheltered Olympic Sailing Centre/Harbour yesterday…  These Dutch Barges are flat bottom boats and were originally used for cargo carrying in the Netherlands. The early ones were made of wood, but more recent and existing barges are mainly iron or steel, powered by diesel engines as well as sails, a boat that’s handed down through a family.

So the racing was eventually called off at 2.0pm and this gave the Dutch Owner’s a chance to meet and air their views on preparation for hosting the Gold Cup in 2014 and more ideas for bringing “Young Blood” into the class. One thing is for sure, the Dragon Class is alive and kicking here in Holland. So if you have never made the journey here before why not pencil in their Nationals for 2013 with a view to return in 2014 for the Gold Cup. The Olympic Centre here in Medemblik is ideal to host “Big” events, so even if the anticipated 100 boats show up, all will run smoothly and efficiently. “It will be a Gold Cup for the Sailors, as well as offering the usual “Dutch” hospitality, as all our efforts will go into providing value for money” said the Dragon Class President Huib Bannier..   I’m sure they will deliver…..

Higher, Faster, Longer………….   Stavros  (NED 411).

p.s. Below you will see plans being drawn up by Petticrows & Doomernik for the next America’s Cup Chellenge, or is Tim just asking Joop about the wine list…………