The final day of the World Championship in Bodrum saw early rain and no wind. So the Race Officer Nino Shmueli kept the fleet ashore until conditions improved. The fleet were released at 11.15 and Race 7 started around 1pm. Unfortunately, a 40 degree wind shift on the first upwind meant November (N Flag) was displayed.. So race Abandoned.

After the wind settled again, Race 7 was re-started with an “All Clear” line…

Prior to the start a fascinating Match Race was witnessed from the Committee Boat between SUI 318 & GBR 820.. both trying to contrive a winning result.. in the end it was to no avail as again the wind shifted “big time” to the left, so November Flag was displayed again..
A shame for the competitors but 100% the correct decision.

So the 2023 Worlds was over… 5 days.. 6 Quality Races

The new World Champions are Wolf Waschkuhn , Joao Vidinha & Charles Nankin…

2nd was GBR 820 Grant Gordon 3rd GBR 192 Graham Bailey helming the “Royal” Dragon Bluebottle….

Higher, Faster, Longer…..   Stavros.   (On Committee Boat in Bodrum)