Winners of race 4, ITA 77, Yevgeni Braslavets, Sergey Timokhov & Sergey Pugachev.

It was another perfect sailing day outside the Gulf of St Tropez for the 88 teams competing at the 2017 Gold Cup. However, after losing one of the favourites DEN 411 “African Queen” helmed by Jorgen Schonherr due to a disqualification in race 3 on Tuesday, a Black Flag disqualification to RUS 27 in race 4 also put an end to Anatoly Loginov’s challenge yesterday.

With these two front runners out of the game the last two days have been dominated by ITA 77 Yevgeni Braslavets who finished 2nd in race 3 followed by a win in race 4 & NED 412 Pieter Heerema who won race 3 followed by a 2nd in race 4…

NED 412 Pieter Heerema, Lars Hendriksen & Claus Olesen won race 3 & are 3rd overall.

With 4 races now completed the team holding onto to 2nd place is UAE 9 “Desert Eagle” helmed by Hendrik Witzmann who has a total of 30 points.

2nd overall UAE 9 Hendrik Witzmann is in control, with Markus Koy & Robert Stanjek.

Leading the Corinthians at the moment is GER 1184 “Caroroo” helmed by Reemt Reemtsma who has been sailing very consistently crewed by his wife Petra & Lorenz Jensen. 

Currently leading the Corinthians GER 1184 “Caroroo”, Lorenz, Reemt & Petra.

There is another Husband & Wife team also putting together a good set of results sailing GER 1151 “Puck IV”. Yes, Philip & Nicola Dohse with Sabine Lenkmann & Christian Moellev are just 3 points behind the leaders so this title will go right down to the final race for sure…

GER 1151 “Puck IV” Philip & Nicola Dohse with Sabine Lenkmann & Christian Moellev.

Chasing hard in 3rd place at the moment is our IDA Vice Chairman Helmut Schmidt sailing with Michael Birenbach & Andreas Liste. This team are current 7 points behind the Corinthian leaders so still in with a chance.

Another magical photo by Elena Razina, catches GER 1071 Helmut Schmidt in full flow.

Today will hopefully see a 5th race added to the series but the forecast is for much stronger winds from the east.  Those of you familiar with St Tropez will know this direction means the wind is blowing directly into the Gulf, so principal Race Officer Phillippe Faure has moved the start time forward to 10.30am, in the hope of completing a race before the wind gets too strong.

However, as I sit at the SNST club and write this blog, I can already see many white horses on the tops of the waves, it’s already blowing hard and whistling through the rigging…. Let’s see what happens!

Higher, Faster, Longer………..       Stavros.  (On the Committee Boat).

A huge thank’s to Elena Razina for all of these excellent photo’s… a true Professional.